Friday 24 July 2015

Day 13

We left in the early morning, so we had to pack  our suitcase and had a last minutes to spent a time  together.

Time do say good bye .
We are in the end of youth exchange and nobody want to go home becouse we made a lot of new friends, had a very good time and of course spend a time healthy, did a lot of sports and healthy activities.

In the end ....
This project was amazing experience and we recommed everyone to take a part in projects like this one.

Monday 22 June 2015

Day 11- The Public Campaign

During the 11th day of the program we realized a public campaign in the town of Tartu. We present the program Health is Wealth, as well as the Erasmus+, to people of the town.
 For our campaign we did a presentation of our work so far, by using different promotion methods such as posters, tips and quizzes (with healthy prizes like apples and carrots!)
 Consequently, we analyse the results of our campaign and we believe that it was successful because the people of the town were curious about our program, but also they were eager to participate in our acts.

Day 8 - adveture time :)


This was the most beautiful day of the project !!! After a long trip with the bus we finally arrived to the Adventure Park, where we became children again and had a lot of fun !

Free and happy !

Concentrate to overcome the obstacles



Going towards the light !


                                 Happy monkey asking for his bananas !!!


    Is it comfortable there ????


Always put your beautiful smile on !! J

And if you fall, stand on your feet and start again !

Back to reality and ready to live !!! ;)

 :) ;) ;)

Friday 19 June 2015

Day 7. Sauna day

In the 7th day of our youth exchange, because of the improper conditions in the forest, we changed our planes and went to the Helme's cave. After a walk of 4 km, motivated by the splendid day, we went kiiking.
A little later, we played national games, such as : hide and seek ( Romanian style) and the blind woman . Then, we had free time to enjoy the SAUNA, where we tried vihtlemine ( spanking with wood). This activity lasted from 7 P.M. to 4 A.M. The best part was when everybody was jumping from the hot sauna into the freezing lake.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Day 5 - Eating pyramid, Volleyball tournament and plant food

We started in the morning with healthy eating pyramid. We discussed about healthy food and we made our own food pyramid. We got to know, that the eating pyramid is not the same in every country, there are some differences. After that we went outside to play volleyball. We had 4 teams and 3 games and then it was time for lunch. After lunch we had free time and at 4 o´clock we had energizers and restorant game, which was really fun and interesting. We were in five groups and had to do our perfect menu for a restorant and then we had to vote with stars. At 21 o´clock we had discussion about plant food. After that we played some games and went to sleep. That was our beautiful 5th day.

Our menus.

 Nikos was masterchef.
 Karl tried it too.
 Playing games.

Day 4 (14th of June 2015) - Our first tournament and Estonian night

On Saturday the weather was in our favor as it was sunny and the temperatures were kind. We started the day with our usual breakfast and after that it was time for activities.
In order to get us excited and energized, the Italian participants came up with a great singing game called "Flash, click!" that also involved using our agility. This activity took place outside, of course, and then we moved into our indoor working space where they had prepared "islands" that covered the main topics of what a healthy lifestyle means. The topics were "Sport and Fun", "What about food?", "Body care", "Healthy Mind" and a few others that were really interesting to talk about. We were split up into groups and each group had to visit each island and brainstorm on the topic at hand. The purpose of this activity was to gather ideas and information so that each group would prepare a small theater play about healthy lifestyle. As creativity was at maximum and we were very excited about creating our very own plays, with very little effort and a lot of teamwork we put together some really funny plays that were right on the point.

After we had a lot of fun acting and enjoying all of out theater work, it was time for some competitive sports. The Italian team set up a very well organized soccer tournaments in which six mixed teams had to compete each other. It was a mixed tournament as the first round was knockout and the winning teams had to compete for points as in a regular championship. It was a very tight  tournament as the teams turned out to be very well balanced and full of fun and excitement. We had penalty shootouts to settle some of the matches, goals scored with head-kicks and also some light injuries that required icing and rest.  This activity really tested our physical resistance and also our organizing skills. 

After the tournament we had a well-deserved lunch and some free time to rest and tend to our other duties. Some of us were in charge of cleaning, others worked on their materials for the blog and some went to cool off in the lake. Around four o'clock, each country had prepared some active learning games and until dinner we had played them all. 

In the evening our host-country put together a very interesting and well-organized presentation of their county Estonia. The night started off with a short quiz on Estonia and some questions tested our memory because we were supposed to write down words in Estonian and places the we traveled through on our way to Marja Talu Guesthouse. After that, the Estonians showed us a general presentation of the country that covered aspects like geography and major cities and attractions. We found out that Old Town Tallinn is the most well-preserved medieval town in Europe, and that the country is 48% covered in forests. 

Overall, day four was extremely fun and very well put together as it covered a wide range of activities. We learned new things, played soccer, laughed at our very own theater plays and enjoyed some of Estonia's finest sweets and appetizers. 

Post written by Eliisa Raal (Estonia) & Bogdan Zamfir (Romania)

Monday 15 June 2015

DAY 3 - expectations, Youthpass & intercultural night (13.06.2015)

We started the third day with activity focused on our expectations and reasons why we came here and what we expect from the project. Many participants can see a project as a great opportunity for learning something new about different countries and their customs. We have learned how to express our specific ideas and needs interconnected with the purposes of the project. Then we played a nice game in which we learned 8 key competences. The perfect day was finished with the first international night - Slovaks and Greeks prepared a lot of typical food for their countries and it was delicious. As you can see at the photos, Slovak girls prepared for us a surprise and were dressed in traditional slovak costumes. We liked it a lot. We are looking forward to the next day and new experiences and great activities.

Day 2- City game (12.06.2015)

On the second day we set common rules all together. We created rules as: Be on time; respect each other; the Bora Bora rule; don't judge; no cellphones during activities and so on. For rule breakers we wrote down some punishments. So, if someone breaks a rule, he has to pick a piece of paper and do what is written on it. After that we went to Tõrva- the city where youth exchange takes place. We went to the town on foot. Road was about 5 kilometers long, but thanks to the amazing people and good weather we had a great walk. In the town we had city game, where we had to complete tasks. Some of the craziest tasks were to collect 10 condoms, ask people how often it rains in Estonia during summer and how old Tõrva is. Also we had to find out the cheapest vegetable in the shop, ask people about healthy lifestyle and stressful life, to take funny and jumping photo, etc. After completing all tasks we went to shop and then went back to Marja Talu puhkekompleks- place where we are staying during  youth exchange. We went back by bus, because we had heavy bags with us for national evening. Next we had dinner and after that we had to make up a presentation about city game. After presentations we played some ice-breaking and name games. One of them was a blanket game where we had to name people who was sitting next to us, on the other side of blanket. Almost every country had prepared one game, so we had a lot of fun and it really helped to learn others' names.

Saturday 13 June 2015

Day 1 - Arrival at Marja talu (11.06.15)

.......arriving at Marja talu!

After many hours of travelling, we finally arrived at 8:00 pm to Marja talu. We found our rooms and then we had a tasty dinner in a magical and familiar atmosphere.

After the dinner we had name and ice breaking games

Countries that participate in "Health is wealth" youth exchange:

During the bus ride we have made greeting videos:





Thursday 11 June 2015

Day 11 - Trip to Valga

Day 11

When we woke up, the sun was shining and the morning was very beautiful. After our meal, full of energy, we sat in the bus and we were ready for our trip to Valga.  During the journey all of us enjoyed the awesome landscapes that Estonia offers. When we arrived in the town we realized that the trip was not as long as we imagined it would be. Then, we divided into groups and took a trip across Valga. Some went to the tourist information centre, others headed straight to the military museum, to learn some new things about Estonian history and see some requisites from the ancient military times.  What was also really interesting, was our walk to Latvia. Valga is a town that’s right on the Estonian-Latvian border, so we had the opportunity to visit two countries at a time. It’s not strange that the slogan of the town is ‘1 linn, 2 riiki’(1 town, 2 countries). Fun, huh?!

 While in the tourist information centre, we bought some souvenirs so that we have some memories when we go back home.  We also took a map and went sightseeing.

We got our delicious lunch at a restaurant in the centre of Valga. They said it was the best restaurant in town, we can confirm it.

After, we went to the park so we could do our common sports activities. We were lucky to find little children playing football, so after their match we asked them to join us. In the park, we were playing games and did some sports. Each of the activities and games was prepared and presented by different country.  At 5 o’clock, sleepy and tired, we got on the bus and headed back to our camp.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Day 10 - visit to Alaveski animal park and Karula national park

Day 10

It was a very beautiful morning. The sun was shining and smiling to us, so we were looking forward to the upcoming activities. After camping we went to the zoo park where we saw a lot of animals. We saw the bears, the rabbits, the squirrel, a lot of different birds and plenty of others. They were all so cute. Here you can see some of them:

This bear was felling uncomfortable because we arrived early in the morning and it was sleepy.

This squirrel was so beautiful but it didn’t like to be photographed, it was so shy.

After the visit of the animal park, we went to the Estonian national park where we watched a movie about Estonian nature. After that we had a lunch and took a rest. When we got fresh we went for a walk of about 4km in the forest, where we saw the diverse Estonian nature together with the beautiful lake. 

After our trip to the forest we came back home and took leisure time after two difficult days. At midnight the group thought it would be fun if we watched a movie just to relax, and so we did. We laughed a lot, the movie was a comedy. It was a great way to finish the long day.